Beat the Heat with a $250 A/C Tune-Up

With a Tune-Up you can prevent major and costlier issues by having a technician inspect and performe a maintenance on your cooling systems.

No dispatch fee! And you also get a $125 discount coupon that you can use throughout the summer months towards any cooling repair!

What do I get?

When choosing Sharp Plumbing and Heating for your A/C Tune-Up you get a full inspection as well as the maintenance of your full system which includes:

– Replacement of 1″ Air Filter.
– Inspection of your outdoor condenser unit.
– Inspection of your air handler.
– Test the Freon levels and pressure.
– Provide a written evaluation of your system’s condition and needs.

Why a Tune-Up?

A professional A/C tune-up not only optimizes your system’s performance but also enables technicians to inspect and analyze the condition of your equipment. By identifying and addressing potential issues early, you can avoid costly breakdowns and repairs down the line. Waiting for your A/C system to fail before taking action can lead to more significant problems and even the need for a complete replacement, making a tune-up a wise investment in your system’s longevity, and your comfort. Schedule your tune-up today and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing your A/C is running smoothly.