Bacon Grease & Why It’s Bad For Plumbing

Most homeowners know that they shouldn’t put bacon grease down their drains. However, many people pour bacon grease down their drains anyway. Nearby plumbing services can often tell when bacon grease is not properly discarded because it can cause a lot of common and recognizable problems. 

Bacon grease can be hard to dispose of, and many people are accustomed to cleaning all of their dishes in the same manner. However, out of all of the things you should not introduce into your plumbing system, bacon grease is potentially the worst. 

Read on to find out exactly why you should not pour bacon grease down your drains and where you should put it instead.

Grease and Pipes 

Grease is one of the worst things to put down your drain. You have likely noticed that grease congeals as it cools and can create quite a mess. The mess associated with grease is why so many homeowners resort to pouring grease down their drains in the first place.

There are a lot of common household products that should not be put into your plumbing system. A few includes:

  • Coffee grounds
  • Eggshells
  • Pasta 
  • Cooking oils
  • Medications

Protect your plumbing system from clogs and damage by practicing proper waste disposal throughout your home. While many substances can damage your plumbing system, grease will often cause more extensive problems than most.

Why Bacon Grease Is Worse

Bacon grease has a high level of saturated fat, making it even more solid when cool than most fats. Cooking bacon also produces much more grease than cooking other meats. The volume of bacon grease makes proper disposal even more important. 

Even professional plumbers can have a hard time removing bacon grease without replacing pipes. Bacon grease can be very stubborn.

For Your Pipes

Bacon grease can gradually build up and decrease the diameter of your pipes. The more frequently grease is poured down a drain, the faster your pipes will experience problems.

Bacon grease in your drain can lead to: 

  • Frequent professional pipe cleaning
  • Pipe replacement
  • Pipe bursts

If bacon grease has already been poured down your drain, there are a couple of things you can do. First, homeowners will need to contact a professional plumber to remove existing clogs from their pipes. Traditional methods for removing clogs are significantly less effective on grease. 

After the bacon grease is removed from your system, your pipes should be inspected for damage. Clogs often increase pressure put on pipes and can lead to severe damage or leaks. 

For Your Home

Incomplete clogs can unevenly distribute plumbing problems throughout your home. Pipes can bend, burst, leak, and shift under the stress of trying to move bacon grease through your system. Bacon grease can impact your home by causing:

  • Partial clogs
  • Expensive repairs
  • Potential water damage

Rectifying water damage is one of the most costly repairs a home can undergo. Removing partial clogs can be difficult because they are harder to locate and access. 

If your plumbing system has been exposed to bacon grease and is experiencing complications, it is time to call a nearby plumbing service. A professional plumber can only prevent damage when they are called in time.

For Your Community

When you pour bacon grease down the drain, it has a long way to go before it can exit a plumbing system. The grease will likely accumulate in regions of your local sewage system. The results are similar to what happens when a community flushes too many materials that are not septic safe.

Blockage in a sewage system can lead to major backflow problems. Sewage system complications can lead to health concerns for an entire community. Almost half of the sewage overflows in the country are caused by fat, oil, and grease. 

The community can prevent these overflows by properly managing their waste in small ways. When you pour bacon grease down your drain, you are putting your community’s sewage system at risk of expensive repairs and multiple health concerns. 

Proper Disposal Methods

While the sewage system of Northborough, MA, does not currently have a “fatberg,” prevention is key. Your community is impacted by the individual methods used for bacon grease disposal. 

Popular ways to dispose of bacon grease include:

  • Cook bacon on foil and throw away the foil after use
  • Collect bacon grease in reused glass jars
  • Soak up excess grease with paper towels
  • Keep a container in your fridge or freezer
  • Repurpose bacon grease

A proper disposal method will never involve putting bacon grease down your drain. Taking the time to properly dispose of bacon grease will save you and your community from larger hassles in the future. 

If you have concerns about bacon grease in your drains, contact Sharp Plumbing & Heating for inspection and maintenance. Our nearby plumbing service provides comprehensive plumbing repairs, replacements, and installations to the Northborough, MA, area. 

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