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The Top Company for Plumbing in Natick, MA

Since 2002, Sharp Plumbing has been the top plumbing company in Natick, MA, and nearby areas. We are here to help you with plumbing repair, plumbing services, and emergencies. We can do everything you need no matter the scope of the work. Our plumbers are fully licensed and insured to meet your plumbing needs to your complete satisfaction.

Our Record of Excellence

We have a long record of excellence in plumbing repair and plumbing services. We can do anything you need, and the many glowing reviews we have received from previous customers are further proof. Contact us for references, or read the testimonials we have published.

Our Plumbing Solutions

Sharp Plumbing is well-versed in repairs, installation, and emergency services. When we send a licensed plumber to your home, we will offer new parts, fair estimates for all repairs, and advice that will help prevent future repair problems. Take a look at our top plumbing services:

Pipe Repair and Replacement

Pipe repair and replacement help prevent cracks and stop leaks. Our plumbing company will tell you the best way to handle a repair, and we will even help you install or replace large appliances or fixtures when needed.

Plumbing Fixtures Installation

Our plumbing services include tub, shower, sink, toilet, and water heater installations in Natick, MA, and nearby areas. A plumber from our team will survey your home, conduct a thorough inspection of the current piping, and offer an estimate for all installations.

Dishwasher Installation

We can install your new dishwasher and hook up the fittings.

Washing Machines Installation and Repair

We can install washing machines, check the pipes, and install the drain spout that will help funnel water away from the washer.

Garbage Disposals Repair and Replacement

We can fix a garbage disposal under any kitchen sink. Sharp Plumbing is an expert in all kinds of garbage disposal units.

Sump Pump Installation and Repair

We can install a sump pump in the basement that will be used to stop flooding or drain standing water. We can even include things like an automatic startup sensor and a remote shutoff switch.

Water Dispenser Repair and Replacement

We can install or repair the water dispenser on your fridge.

Frozen Pipe Repair

Before frozen pipes crack more, cause flooding, or begin to rust, get in touch with our team to provide a solution.

Water Filtration System Installation and Repair

We can handle a plumbing repair service for your water filtration system, or we can install a new water filter that makes sure you have safe, clean drinking water at all times.

Fixture Pumps Repair

We can repair fixture pumps, or we can show you which pump we would use as a replacement. The plumber that is sent to your home will offer expert advice as they repair or install the pump.

Booster Pumps Repair

We can repair booster pumps in your home or office, and we will let you know if it is time to replace the pump.

Backflow Prevention

Our plumbing company can help you with backflow prevention, and we will ensure your backflow valves meet the local building codes.

Contact Sharp Plumbing Today

When you need a trusted local plumbing company, get in touch with Sharp Plumbing right away. We are the team that you can trust with your plumbing in Natick, MA, and the surrounding areas. Call us today or fill out our form to schedule an appointment with a plumber from our team.

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