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Professional AC Repair Service Near Northborough, MA

AC units have many moving parts, meaning any element can wear out or become clogged at any time. This can make it challenging for you to know what is wrong with your system. That’s why any suspected need for AC repair should be left to a local professional

When summer is around the corner, the last thing you want is stress caused by a broken cooling system. We’ll make sure you stay comfortable with quality AC repair you can trust. Since 2002, Sharp Plumbing & Heating in Northborough, MA, has serviced a wide variety of cooling systems. 

We know how important a functioning air conditioner is when the temperature rises. Our HVAC technicians will provide AC repair for your equipment, ensure the proper parts are installed, and keep the cool air flowing. 

Sharp Plumbing & Heating Provides Exceptional AC Repairs

Even gradual wear and tear to the internal components of your air conditioning system can cause your unit to stop working. If this happens, you should seek the expertise of a qualified team to service your AC unit. 

You’ll get top-notch service when you work with our dedicated and highly skilled HVAC technicians. We provide: 

  • Licensed and insured technicians
  • A flexible appointments
  • Professional advice and recommendations
  • Free estimates and affordable rates

AC units are generally reliable, but they will begin to wear down with age, requiring repairs. Our contractors will do their best to repair any damaged parts and restore comfort to your home. 

Reliable AC Repair Services in Northborough, MA

Most likely, your HVAC system has given you a few signs that it’s time to call an HVAC technician. Some of the most common ones you may see include the following: 


No one purchases an AC unit expecting it to blow warm air. After all, it has one job to do, and that’s to keep you and your family comfortable when it’s hot and muggy out. When the temperatures have reached their highest highs, you want your AC unit to blow refreshingly cold air. Contact an HVAC technician right away if you feel warm air instead of cold.  


The thermostat is the control center of your HVAC system. It communicates with the air conditioner to determine how much cold air to generate. If your AC is short cycling or doesn’t turn on, this can indicate a problem with your thermostat. This is an issue that requires the attention of a local professional HVAC technician.


Just like you don’t want warm airflow, you don’t want weak airflow. When you turn your unit on, the air may feel cool, but if it is being blown by a weak force, it will be impossible to circulate throughout the entire room. It may be a failed compressor, but it could also be an issue with any existing ductwork.

Because it is hard to differentiate between potential causes, only a trained professional like an HVAC technician from Sharp Plumbing & Heating should diagnose this problem.  


If your AC is turned on and you hear grinding, squealing, or scraping, your belt may be out of place. Reach out to a local professional for help as soon as possible to avoid any further damage to the unit. 


Your air conditioner should not have a smell. If it does, you know there is a problem. Strong odors may indicate a burnt wire inside the unit or mold within the ductwork. Let a professional HVAC technician diagnose the problem as soon as possible to protect your family from potential health issues. 


A well-functioning AC unit will not have any moisture surrounding it. If any is present, you may have a refrigerant leak. Freon is a known toxin, so contact us right away. However, the moisture could be coming from a broken condensation tube.

Moisture could be leaking out of the HVAC system, or you may notice ice forming on the condenser. Either way, you need the services of a skilled HVAC technician to make a formal diagnosis and recommend repairs.


Have you recently received a surprisingly high utility bill but not increased your energy use? That’s a clue that you may need an AC repair. You could have a broken thermostat switch, leaky ductwork, or an elevated edge. Regardless, your cooling system will benefit from an inspection by our team of professionals.   

Our employees have the equipment to inspect and repair any of these issues and more. 

Cost of Professional AC Repair Services

We understand that it’s important to know the cost of your AC repair before scheduling service. However, it’s nearly impossible to provide an accurate price without knowing the problem. For example, cleaning or replacing an air filter is completely different from repairing a refrigerant leak. The latter is a more complex process requiring more time and labor. 

The final cost of any repair will depend on the issue, required parts, materials, tools, and the amount of necessary labor. That’s why identifying the problem is a critical step in finalizing the cost of any repair.

Professional HVAC Technicians When You Need Them

It can be challenging to find an HVAC company in Northborough or surrounding communities that you can trust. We can confidently say that isn’t the case anymore. Sharp Plumbing & Heating is ready to provide responsive, effective service to every customer.   

We’re committed to becoming your go-to team of HVAC technicians who will always restore comfort. 

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Don’t let your family suffer for another minute. Our team is trained to service various brands and models of AC units, including central air systems, ducted units, and ductless heat pumps. There’s only one team to call when you need reliable and professional air conditioning repair services. 

Sharp Plumbing & Heating will ensure your family remains comfortable throughout the summer heat. Need something other than a repair? No worries! We also provide AC maintenance, installation, and replacement services, too!

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