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Even if an HVAC system is well maintained, it can often benefit homeowners to replace it. If you’re operating a system over ten years old, or find that you need multiple expensive repairs, it could be time for an HVAC replacement.

While the cost of a new HVAC system might give you pause at first, it will end up saving you money over the long term, because newer systems run more efficiently and are less likely to break down.

At Sharp Plumbing & Heating, we’re confident that our prices are affordable for the homeowners of Northborough, MA. And, our trained professionals are dedicated to guiding you through the entire replacement process. From initial installation to annual maintenance, we’ll keep your new investment in the best shape possible.

The Benefits of AC Replacement

Are you juggling broken components of your AC, constantly needing to call for repairs? While those repairs might help in the short term, worn components will likely continue to fail. Over time, repair costs will keep adding up, and before long, the money you’ve spent could have purchased an AC replacement.

But there are more benefits to an AC replacement aside from needing fewer repairs. Homeowners who invest in a new HVAC system will enjoy many advantages over keeping an older system.


The newer AC models have built-in energy efficiency, and many can save you more money through rebates. With proper care and maintenance, a new AC replacement can even pay for itself in the money you’ll save on utilities. You’ll end up spending less on monthly bills and repairs, all while lowering your carbon footprint.


With the unexpected weather of Northborough, MA, summers, you’ll want to have a powerful AC at the ready to keep your home as comfortable as possible. With a new AC and proper installation from a Sharp Plumbing & Heating trained professional, you can feel confident knowing your machine will get you through a surprise heat wave.


A brand new AC isn’t just a good idea for right now. If you’ve been suffering from the problems that come with an older HVAC for years, this might be the ideal time to invest in your family’s long-term comfort. And if you ever decide to sell your home, a new HVAC is an asset that can add significant value to your property. 

Signs It’s Time for an AC Replacement

When is it time for you to invest in a new AC? The obvious emergency of an AC that doesn’t work will alert any homeowner to AC issues. But not all problems present themselves in such an apparent manner. 

If you ever run into issues with your AC and suspect you might need a replacement, call on our professionals to investigate. We’ll help you get a better picture of the health of your HVAC system and design a plan that’s comfortable for you and your budget.

Our experts have homed in on some of the most frequent issues that plague ACs on their last leg. If you’re experiencing any of these AC symptoms, it’s a good sign that you might need a replacement.


Repairs can often revitalize your HVAC system and get it back in working order. But sometimes they’re just a bandage for a more severe problem. If you find yourself calling a repair technician regularly, that could be a sign that it’s high time to call it quits on your equipment. 

Our professional HVAC technicians can figure out if you’d benefit more from a repair or a replacement based on what they find during their visit.


If you’re starting to notice that some rooms are cooler than others, your air ducts may have been damaged. We can sometimes fix this issue through repairs, but your system is likely too small for your home if the problem persists. In this case, you would benefit from an AC replacement that’s more suited to your spatial needs.


If your AC isn’t doing the one job it’s designed for, then it’s time to call a technician. While any broken pieces might be reparable, there’s a good chance you’ll need to replace the pipe or coil that’s causing the issue. 

You might have a malfunction of the condenser or a possible leak. And depending on the extent of the damage, we might recommend you save yourself the headache and invest in a system replacement.

Our HVAC Replacement Process

We guarantee your satisfaction and comfort every step of the way, from the first call to the end of your installation. First and foremost, when we come to install the system, we’ll be mindful of your space and respect your home. 

We’ll take measurements and consult with you as we move along in the process. Our technicians will then break down your old AC system and prepare to install the new one. We work quickly and efficiently to minimize intrusions and get you the comfort you need promptly.

Once we’ve finished installing your new AC unit, we’ll test all aspects of the equipment to make sure everything is reading accurately. If necessary, we’ll fine-tune and adjust anything before we leave. 

We’ll walk you through how to use your new system, as well as provide you with tips on how to keep it properly maintained. We’ll even work with you on scheduling a tune-up visit to keep your AC running at maximum efficiency.

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