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Ductless air conditioning and heat pump systems work to eliminate inefficiencies in the way you cool and heat your home. Having leaky ducts and using multiple window AC units to cool each room separately wastes energy and racks up your monthly bill. Ductless air conditioning systems increase airflow, better removing irritants from your air and keeping energy costs low.

What is Ductless Heating and Cooling?

Ductless systems, or mini-split AC systems, heat and cool your home without transferring air through ductwork. Instead, a compressor unit outside transmits the air to rooms you install head units in. This is useful for directing individual temperature settings to separate rooms and heating or cooling additional rooms like a garage or basement.

In addition to reducing the space they would normally take up with ductwork, ductless systems save you money on your monthly bill by cutting down energy waste. Unlike typical central-air HVAC systems, ductless systems don’t shut off completely and need to start up again. Instead, they detect how hard your system is working and slow down or speed up as they need to.

Nearby Technician Services in Northborough, MA

At Sharp Plumbing and Heating, we offer nearby technician services for HVAC and plumbing in Northborough, MA, and its surrounding areas. Our professional installers complete all of our home projects and renovations with precision and accuracy. It is our goal to deliver the most efficient and clean air circulatory system to your home.

Ductless Air Conditioning, Cooling Services

We offer both ductless AC installation and repair services in Northborough, MA. Switching to a ductless system can not only save you money monthly but also help attend to each room’s specific needs. Whether you’re upgrading from a window unit or transferring your central HVAC system to a more efficient model, our team can handle your ductless cooling needs.

Ductless AC Installation

Ductwork can waste energy from faulty seals or from being in a room that experiences extreme temperatures that differ from the rest of your home, like your attic or basement. These temperature shifts throw off your AC system’s sensors and lead to improper cooling. A ductless AC installation avoids confusion, communicating your home’s needs directly.

Our ductless AC installations in Northborough, MA are quick and straightforward, so you can enjoy the perks of individual temperature control as soon as possible. Job durations may differ depending on how many rooms you want to cool and install head units in. Ductless systems are a great option for windowless rooms that you couldn’t otherwise install a window AC unit in.

Ductless AC Repair

While ductless AC repair doesn’t involve ductwork, it does come with a few challenges of its own. In a ductless system, refrigerant levels can mark the difference between maintaining a high-functioning air compressor and needing to fully replace it. With more refrigerant lines in a ductless system, there is also a higher chance of your mini-split system leaking refrigerant.

Refrigerant is a deadly chemical that should always be handled by professionals to ensure safety in your home. Dangerously, refrigerant cuts off oxygen supply if large amounts of it are inhaled. Our experts are trained in handling AC chemicals correctly to avoid any calls to emergency services. When you choose Sharp Plumbing, you’re making the safe choice.

Central Air Conditioning Services

Often, our air conditioning choices consider convenience and price. With central air, installation costs are typically cheaper than a ductless system. Central HVAC systems are also easy to control from one thermostat instead of worrying about each individual room. We offer both central air installation services and central air conditioning repair in Northborough, MA.

Central Air Installation

Upgrading from window AC units to a central air system often feels like a luxurious switch. After all, window units only have the power to cool a specific room. On the other hand, a central air system can cool your entire home at once, from one convenient thermostat. Bigger rooms should have more powerful AC systems, so central air is especially suitable for large homes.

Our central air installation services in Northborough, MA, involve helping you choose the correct system size to accommodate your home, examining your current ductwork to see if it is suitable for a new system, or installing new ductwork if your home doesn’t currently have it, and sealing your system correctly to avoid any leaks in your ductwork or HVAC system.

Central Air Repair

Since central air deals with ductwork, there is obviously a lot that can go wrong in your ducts. However, ducts aren’t the only component of central air. Clogged filters and coils are a common problem, harming clean airflow and your system’s efficiency. Moreover, neglecting maintenance decreases the lifespan of your HVAC unit and calls for early replacements.

While central air systems often last over a decade, they aren’t immune to wear or damage. If you’re experiencing major issues and searching for central air repair in Northborough, MA, Sharp Plumbing and Heating has the answer. In addition to small issues and maintenance, we handle large central air repairs, like replacing your unit’s blower motor or thermostat functions.

Heating Services in Northborough, MA

Air conditioning components often take front and center when it comes to HVAC services; however, its heating aspects are just as important. If you are experiencing furnace or boiler issues in Northborough, MA, our heating repairs and maintenance can help. We can help keep your home temperatures and monthly bills consistent.

Furnace Services

When your furnace goes out in the middle of winter, it can be a stressful time. Sharp Plumbing is here to help. Our furnace services in Northborough, MA, will keep your home warm during the coldest Massachusetts months. To allow your furnace to reach its 15-year lifespan, it’s important to undergo regular maintenance and professional inspections.

During our annual inspection and maintenance services, our licensed and insured technicians will find any irregularities in your system and address how to fix them. Most issues can be fixed during your furnace tune-up appointment. However, if bigger problems arise, our experts can suggest repairs or replacements and the best course of action to take for your home.

Boiler Services

Our trained team can help you with your high-efficiency or forced hot water boiler system. High-efficiency boiler systems are often referred to as condensing boiler systems because they condense run away heat and point it back towards your home. Installing these systems is also better for your environmental impact, often burning natural gas. 

Additional HVAC and Plumbing Services in Northborough, MA

In addition to HVAC and mini-split AC installations, repairs, and maintenance, we also offer the following plumbing services:

  • Drain cleaning
  • Water heater services
  • Water filtration systems
  • Piping services
  • Gas fitting
  • Sewer line lining
  • Home remodels

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For peace of mind about your investment, we offer warranties on labor and parts for some repair services. We also aim to make things more affordable, offering financing options if your HVAC issue was unexpected or you just want to spread out the cost of your upgrades. No matter what HVAC or plumbing problems you’re experiencing, Sharp Plumbing and Heating has the answer.

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