Mini-Split AC: Installation and Repair Professionals Near Northborough, MA 

While summers don’t typically extend to 90-degree days in Massachusetts, they do present another uncomfortable weather factor. While our Bay State lacks extreme summer heat, it makes up for it in sticky humidity. To keep your home comfortable, installing a mini-split AC system can cut down on humid air inside and lower the monthly bill it takes to run it.

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Our Air Conditioning Services

At Sharp Plumbing and Heating, we offer reliable air conditioning system services. These include installation, repairs, and regular maintenance options in Northborough, MA, and its surrounding areas. Our trained technicians bring knowledge, precision, and consistency to all of our plumbing and HVAC home projects and renovations. 

Air Conditioning Installation Services in Northborough, MA

Our air conditioning installation services include central air and mini-split systems to fit your home’s specific needs. Our trained technicians will treat your home like their own, handling it with care and cleanliness. All installations are planned carefully and completed in a timely manner, so you enjoy the newfound functionality of whole-home cooling as soon as possible.

Central Air Installation

Switching from costly window units to a central air system will cool your home more efficiently. Three window units use more energy than a central air system and together can cost close to the price of HVAC installation. Multiple window units also have the potential to house multiple leaks in areas across your home, quickly hiking up your monthly bill.

However, there are some additional costs to HVAC installation in Northborough, MA. If you are upgrading to a central air system, your technician will need to install ductwork and a condenser first. Your ductwork will transfer quality air throughout your home, while your condenser helps to liquify gaseous refrigerant and cycle it through your system to transform hot air into cold air.

Mini-Split AC Installation

While it may be counterintuitive to think bigger equals less, a larger HVAC system costs less to install than a mini-split. The latter ductless AC system is smaller but costs more to install because it runs more efficiently, therefore costing you less on your monthly bill. Homeowners often take the trade-off, seeing more air productivity and a reduced bill by about 30 percent.

It’s also common for homeowners to install both central air and a mini-split system. Working together, HVAC systems often cool the main part of your home, while mini-split AC systems take on extended parts of your home like the basement, garage, or an attached atrium. Skilled in both systems, our experts specialize in central air and mini-split installation in Northborough, MA.

Air Conditioning Repair Services in Northborough, MA

Our air conditioning repair services in Northborough, MA include options like filter and coil replacements, checking thermostat functions or moving its location, inspecting and repairing vital HVAC components like your air compressor and ductwork, and doing ductless work like conducting mini-split AC repair and performing bi-annual tune-ups. 

Central Air Repair

Aside from leaks and regular part replacements, another component of HVAC repair in Northborough, MA often involves ductwork. Signs your ducts need servicing to include heat or air being delivered to some rooms but not others, failing airflow and mold smells. Neglecting these issues will harm your air quality, and your system will fail to ward off airborne illnesses.

Older homes may have poorly installed ductwork that isn’t up to code. However, new homes aren’t immune to failing ductwork either. Holes can develop in ducts, and animals or insects can damage your airflow and harm your system overall. Our technicians are skilled in all of your HVAC components and will provide work that adheres to standards, instead of cutting corners.

Mini-Split AC Repair

Unlike central air systems, mini-split systems are ductless systems, so they conserve more energy. Instead of transferring heating or cooling through rooms that aren’t being temperature controlled, mini-split systems direct air back to the rooms, in which they are based. This saves money on high energy waste costs.

While mini-split AC systems in Northborough, MA don’t have ducts to break down, they are also susceptible to wear and damage over time. A common mini-split AC issue we see is frozen coils. If you are running your system while the air outside dips below its perceived temperature, this can lead to refrigerant freezing your evaporator coil and its functions.

AC Maintenance and Tune-Ups

Conducting regular maintenance and filter changes on your air conditioning system will increase the longevity of its components. Our technicians will keep your system running at its max efficiency and suggest any repairs or replacements you may need after our inspection.

Annual tune-ups differ slightly from regular maintenance. During an annual tune-up in Northborough, MA, our experts will perform a deep dive inspection of both your system’s cooling and heating parts. Along with air conditioning repairs, installation and maintenance, we also work on furnaces and broilers to ensure your home is also being properly heated.

Indoor Air Quality Services

Irritants in your air can lead to allergy flare-ups and make it harder to breathe inside your home. In addition, your air conditioner system’s job is not only to cool your home but also to dehumidify it. If it still feels muggy and humid inside, festering mold and bacteria are likely clogging your system. The indoor air quality services we offer can fix that.

Using upgraded technology like humidifiers, air purifiers, and air filtration systems, our expert technicians can improve the coolness and cleanliness of the air in your home. In addition to reducing the risk of airborne illnesses and offering a fresh smell to your home, clean air technology initiatives extend the lifespan of your AC system.

We Also Serve Your HVAC & Plumbing Needs

In addition to HVAC and mini-split AC installations, repairs, and maintenance, we also offer the following plumbing services:

  • Drain cleaning
  • Water heater services
  • Water filtration systems
  • Piping services
  • Gas fitting
  • Sewer line lining
  • Home remodels

HVAC services can be dangerous to attempt yourself. Refrigerant and gas fitting can be deadly if mishandled, and electrical wiring can cause fires. It is important to leave this work to the professionals who are trained to deal with these factors safely.

The Assurance Care Club

As a company that deals with both HVAC and plumbing issues, we provide the Assurance Care Club to help our plumbing clients save money on our repairs and annual services. Regular maintenance and tune-ups increase the lifespan of your amenities and avoid costly diagnostics and replacements before they’re due.

For a low monthly cost, our Assurance Care club includes priority service; annual services for general plumbing inspections, preventative water heater maintenance, and main drain line camera inspections; a great discount on services and repairs; reduced service fees; a five-year service guarantee, and a manufacturer guarantee on fixtures. The cost literally pays for itself!

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Our company vision is to be an inspiration for our central and northern Massachusetts community. We exemplify diligence in doing our jobs right the first time and raising the bar with every project. In addition, we believe home renovations shouldn’t be overpriced, we offer affordable services and financing options to best serve everyone in our community.

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