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Snowy Massachusetts winters are fun for snowball fights and sitting by the fire. However, they don’t present great news for your pipes and plumbing system. When the water inside your pipes freezes due to the cold weather, it expands by almost 10 percent. While pipes can accommodate this change short-term, over time it can cause your pipes to burst.

Burst pipes can lead to inconvenient issues like mold growth if water isn’t cleaned up correctly. In worst cases, it can flood parts of your home and cause hundreds to thousands of dollars in damage and replacement costs. Keep reading to learn more about the effects of extreme pressure on your plumbing system and how we can help you fix it.

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How Do You Know Your Pipe is Frozen?

In exposed pipes, you may be able to see ice or frost on your pipes when they freeze. However, many pipe systems are hidden or underground. So, how do you know your pipe is frozen if you can’t see it? There are a few other warning signs you have a frozen pipe.

The most obvious sign you have a frozen pipe, other than seeing the pipes yourself, is a lack of water. If you turn on the sink in the winter and no water comes out, the culprit is likely a frozen pipe. When your drain pipe freezes, it blocks any food or garbage disposal waste from traveling through your system, sending foul smells back up into your home and indicating the issue.

Plumbing Repair Services

At Sharp Plumbing and Heating, we offer frozen pipe plumbing repair services and total re-piping transformations. We have plumbers nearby in Northborough, MA, and its surrounding areas to assist you during your winter pipe emergencies. All of our piping projects are conducted with professionalism, precision, and polished work.

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Frozen Pipe Repair

Frozen pipes can present an emergency plumbing situation. Our professionals can tackle your frozen pipe repair in Northborough, MA, and thoroughly thaw things out. Frozen pipes that are inside any exterior walls are definitely a DIY you shouldn’t try from home because fixing them can involve cutting a hole into your wall to expose them to heat.

To avoid the need for frozen pipe repair in the future, you can drain swimming pools and sprinkler lines after the hotter months pass, invest in insulation to trap escaping heat from your system and redirect it back to your home and turn on your faucet so it drips during cool days, allowing a constant flow of moving water to disturb its capability to freeze.


Sometimes plumbing repair isn’t enough to fix your frozen pipe situation. This may present the need for re-piping services in Northborough, MA, and a change of pipe material in your plumbing system. While outdated lead pipes are often more resistant to freezing temperatures than modern copper options, they are unsafe and can cause lead poisoning in your home.

To offer a compromise, installing fiberglass or foam sleeves around new copper pipes keeps your family and plumbing system safe. This added insulation decreases the chance of pipes freezing because it works to keep the pipe around the same temperature as the water inside it. Yet, while it’s a good preventative measure, it doesn’t completely prevent future freezing.

Assurance Care Club

In addition to financing options, we offer our Assurance Care Club membership. Instead of receiving standard services, our membership package offers annual inspections and water heater maintenance. Also included in these check-ups are free drain line camera inspections, which normally range from $500 to $600. 

Assurance Care Club members also receive front-of-the-line service and a 15 percent discount on services and repairs. Other perks include bumping up the service warranty from two years to five and reducing service fees from $69-$99 to $39. Staying up to date on your plumbing maintenance and services increases the lifespan and functionality of your amenities.

We’re Also HVAC & Plumbing Professionals

Along with frozen pipe services, we also offer additional HVAC and plumbing services in Northborough, MA. These include:

  • Central HVAC
  • Ductless AC Systems
  • Drain cleaning
  • Water heater services
  • Water filtration systems
  • Gas fitting
  • Sewer line lining
  • Home remodels

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