9 Ways to Conserve Water At Home

Since our freshwater resources are limited, it’s important to look for ways to use less water in daily life. Conserving water will also help you reduce your monthly living costs. This doesn’t necessarily mean making significant sacrifices in your daily life. 

Learn about nine simple ways to reduce water waste that don’t require a major lifestyle change.

1. Make Sure the Tap Is Off

A common mistake that causes water waste is failing to securely close a water tap. Just one dripping faucet in your Northborough, MA, home can cause you to waste up to a gallon of water per day. 

Forcing the knob too far can strip the threads, so make sure you stop once you feel resistance. If the tap seems closed and the faucet is still dripping water, you may need a nearby plumber to repair the problem.

2. Fix Small Leaks

You should schedule plumbing repair anytime you notice or suspect a leak in your Northborough, MA, home’s plumbing. Leaks can result from a worn seal, fractured pipe, or loose-fitting. 

Even a small leak will waste excessive amounts of water while exposing your home to water damage. Getting the problem repaired quickly will also help prevent hazardous mold growth in your home.

3. Time Your Showers

While a bath typically uses much more water than a shower, taking a longer shower can waste more water than you realize. You can reduce that water waste by shortening the time it takes you to shower in your Northborough, MA, home. 

Try listening to music while you shower to keep better track of the time you spend under the running water. On average, songs last about three minutes, so you should try to limit your shower time to one or two songs.

4. Use Appliances Less Frequently

You should be operating your dishwasher and washing machine less frequently to reduce water and energy usage. Wait until you have a full load for each type of machine to prevent using large amounts of water to wash small loads. 

It’s okay to let clothes or dishes pile up a little to make better use of your appliances. When you buy a new appliance, ask a nearby plumber in Northborough, MA, about energy-efficient models.

5. Invest in a Low-Flow Showerhead

You’ll use less water and limit your need for plumbing repair when you switch to low-flow showerheads in your home. You can find the best low-flow options by looking for the WaterSense label on showerheads. This EPA label helps homeowners maximize their water conservation efforts.

Low-flow options are just as effective as traditional faucets, but they can reduce your home’s water usage by 20% or more. There are also WaterSense toilets and bathroom sink faucets. 

6. Reuse Water

There are many times when people wastewater without thinking about it. When you’re waiting for your shower water to heat up, place a bucket in the tub to collect the cold water. Similarly, collect water in a bucket or basin as you wash fresh produce. 

Paying closer attention to how you use water will help you discover more situations in which water can be collected for reuse. This water can later be used to water plants or mop your floors.

7. Collect Rainwater

A nearby plumber in Northborough, MA, can recommend a rainwater capture system, or you can simply set up a barrel where your home’s gutter system empties. 

While you shouldn’t consume rainwater, it can be used for gardening, washing your car, or a number of other everyday uses.

8. Keep Up with Swimming Pool Maintenance

In addition to keeping up with your need for plumbing repair services, you should take steps to take better care of your home’s swimming pool. In particular, keep it covered when it’s not in use. 

If you notice that the water level keeps dropping, contact a plumber. They can determine whether the leak is in the pool or the plumbing system that maintains its water supply.

9. Shower Less Frequently

Keep in mind that you don’t need to shower every day. In fact, it’s healthier for your skin and hair to skip a day between showers. The warm water and soap will damage the lipids in your skin, causing dry, itchy sensations to develop. By showering every other day, you’ll enjoy better skin health, and you’ll be using half as much water.

Stay on Top of Your Home’s Plumbing Needs

Keeping up with plumbing issues will also reduce water waste in your Northborough, MA, community. Contact Sharp Plumbing & Heating to request an inspection or service for your plumbing system today.


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