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The pipes in your home are crucial. They are the lifeline of your plumbing system and are out of sight to keep your home looking more attractive.

Since they are out of sight, you aren’t constantly tripping over them, either. However, not regularly seeing your pipes makes it difficult to know when to call a local plumber to install new pipes, repipe sections, or repair broken lines.

When you make the call to your local professionals, you expect them to know how to get the job done. At Sharp Plumbing & Heating, we ensure our technicians can take care of any plumbing piping problem, no matter how big or small. 

Does Your Home Have Damaged Pipes? 

It’s hard to tell if your home has bad pipes because pipe-related issues are not observable with the naked eye. However, suppose that you’ve recently noticed unexplained leaks, smelly clothes straight from the washing machine, or foul-tasting water. In that case, it could be because you have damaged pipes delivering water to your Northborough, MA, home.

Environmental factors and poor quality materials used during construction contribute to your pipes going bad. Residences built more than 20 years ago are most likely to have pipe-related issues. But a house that is only five years old may also have problems, depending on the type of materials used.  

Causes of Pipe Damage 

Your Northborough home has a series of pipes coursing through the basement, interior or exterior walls, underground, and ceiling. These pipes (including sewage pipes or sink pipes) can burst or leak at any time. What causes the damage to these hidden pipes?

Damage can occur to your plumbing pipes for the following reasons:

  • Rust and other corrosion
  • High water pressure 
  • Damaged rubber seals
  • Damaged connections 
  • Consistent drain clogs

Regardless of the cause of damage, you must have your pipes inspected by a professional plumber who can provide a solution to your problem.

Do I Need a Local Plumber to Repipe My House? 

Repiping your Northborough, MA, home is a significant investment of time and money. But sometimes there is no other sensible option. Some reasons you may need repiping services are:

  • Lingering plumbing issues that require constant repairs 
  • Your home still has lead pipes 
  • Galvanized piping has become corroded 
  • Low water pressure 
  • Discolored water 
  • Strange noises coming from the pipes 
  • Planning to remodel or add new plumbing fixtures

Noticeable symptoms of damaged pipes are annoying but don’t overlook them. These symptoms often indicate a more serious issue that should be addressed right away.

If you suspect your pipes may be damaged, call us immediately to diagnose and devise a plan. Over time, the damage will worsen and eventually lead to a burst pipe and thousands of dollars in property damage. Regardless of the reason for new pipes, our technicians will replace your old ones to keep clean water flowing into your home. 

What Does Repiping Involve? 

Repiping an entire house includes replacing cold and hot water pipes, along with waste drainage pipes. It’s an enormous job and will likely be the most significant home renovation project for many homeowners.

Before you do any work, a technician will inspect your home and determine whether the best solution is a repair or repiping. They’ll settle whether they can repipe a single area or if your house requires a whole-home repiping. You’ll be given an estimate and have any remaining questions answered about your plumbing piping.

Once our plumbers begin work on your piping, they will take great care to safeguard your home. We’ll make sure to protect your furniture and other belongings with plastic during construction.

We’ll cut a hole into the drywall to access the pipes and install new ones. Afterward, the opening will be patched and repainted to match your home’s previous condition. 

How Long Will Repiping Take? 

Most repiping projects take only a few days. Smaller homes can be repiped in two days, while bigger homes may take a few weeks. However, you should still have access to your plumbing during this time.

Much of the work involves building the new pipes alongside the old system. The only time you may be without water is when they switch from the old pipes to the newly installed system.

Benefits of Repiping Your Home 

When you have repiping done by a Sharp Plumbing & Heating technician, your home becomes safer and more efficient. Other benefits of new plumbing piping include:

  • Improved water pressure
  • Better delivery of hot water
  • Lower water bills 
  • Cleaner water
  • Less frequent leaks and clogs
  • Increased property value
  • Longer-lasting pipes

A new piping system will give you peace of mind knowing that your pipes will last for years to come.

Quality Piping Materials 

We use the best materials available for piping and repiping your home. Our technicians will use what matches your budget while providing the most durable, long-lasting solution.

Copper and PEX pipe are the most popular materials used today. The material you choose will influence your overall cost.

Our technicians will provide you with the information you need to decide which pipes are best for your home.

PEX vs. Copper Piping 

Choosing the most suitable pipe material is essential to the pipe’s longevity. Depending on how the pipes are used, both PEX and Copper have advantages and disadvantages.

Typically, PEX will cost less than copper. It’s resistant to acidic water and less likely to corrode. PEX pipes don’t need to be soldered during installation, and their flexibility makes them easier to install.

Like PEX, copper resists corrosion. Copper can also resist bacterial growth and won’t decay if exposed to ultraviolet rays. However, copper is pricier than PEX pipe, and corrosion is still possible if the water running through it is too acidic. Lastly, copper is also prone to the formation of pinhole leaks. 

Our Technicians Provide Plumbing Repair Services   

Fortunately, you won’t always need services as extensive as a whole-home repiping. Most likely, you’ll need plumbing repair services for a clogged drain or a leaky pipe. However, water leaks aren’t always easy to spot, which is why locating the problematic pipe should be left to the professionals. 

Our plumbers are trained to use special equipment and techniques to locate the broken pipe and then access it to complete the plumbing repair. Never hesitate to call Sharp Plumbing & Heating when you suspect a leaky pipe or have a clogged drain. Even the tiniest leak can lead to significant damage to your home.   

Prolong the Life of Your Pipes 

Scheduling regular maintenance will help your new piping system last longer. Chemicals, soil, and other materials that clog your pipes can impact their quality. We can schedule an annual inspection with our trained technicians to ensure your lines are in top-notch condition.

It is crucial to talk to our team about the proper way to clear clogs and maintain your pipes. 

We’re Local Plumbers Dedicated to Our Customers and Community 

Since 2002, our team has been the top choice for Northborough, MA, residents needing plumbing services. Our piping services are no different, and our happy Northborough customers come back year after year.

Every technician at Sharp Plumbing & Heating is trained and continues their education to ensure they’ll consistently meet your plumbing needs. Don’t wait any longer if you think your plumbing pipes have been damaged and need professional help.

Call our team of local, dedicated plumbers for a quick and efficient response. Our friendly team members will develop a plan to restore the flow of clean water to your home! How can we help you, today?

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