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At Sharp Plumbing & Heating, we are the most trusted name in both plumbing andĀ heating services in Berlin, MA, and the surrounding areas. We can deal with your home heating system or boiler heating system right away. We have all the expertise you need to make sure your heating concerns are addressed promptly and effectively.

We are heating experts and plumbers. Since 2002, we have been renowned for our capabilities to work with the water intake for a boiler system or radiator, and we can handle all HVAC repairs at the same time.

Reliable Heating Services in Berlin

OurĀ heating repair serviceĀ and other solutions will help you protect your heaters or boilers. We can repair these items at any time, offer heating system installation, and even provide emergency services when needed.


The boiler heating system is a significant innovation that can provide the heat you need. If you are having problems with this system, you can call us for repairs immediately.


We can work on your forced hot water boilers so that they heat properly, do not leak, and remain efficient. We offer a heating repair service that brings these boilers back to life.


We can help with heating system installation if you want a radiant heating system, or we can repair your current radiators. The radiant heating system can be checked for leaks, and we might even replace large parts that will help the system continue throughout the winter.


The boiler heating system that you have purchased might be a high-efficiency system, and we will make sure that we help you choose the right system, save money, and get the best possible installation. We can service these boilers, and we can replace parts when needed. If you need a new system, we can show you the perfect boiler for your building.


We can check your radiator to make sure it is not leaking, and we can replace parts that will help them efficiently radiate heat. You are trying to save money on heating, and we can help you do that.


Baseboard heating is becoming a popular home heating system, as it can radiate heat from around the edges of the room. Heating system installation allows you to add new heating elements to the house that are hidden, efficient, and comfortable.


We can provide zone additions to your house that will help heat each room on its own. This might be useful if you have an older house in the Berlin area that did not originally have a central home heating system.

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