Boiler Maintenance

Boiler Maintenance in Northborough, MA

It’s very frustrating to walk into a cold house when it is frigid outside. The goal is to warm up, but that is hard to do when the boiler is acting up. The odds of this happening increase significantly if you don’t perform routine boiler maintenance and have the unit inspected regularly by a heating services professional.

When cold weather sweeps the nation, it’s hard to find a heating maintenance provider who is readily available to perform these necessary tasks. That’s why it is essential to have this work done prior to the weather turning cold. What benefits come with this preventive heating maintenance service?

Pros of Boiler Maintenance

As a homeowner, you may carry out regular maintenance tasks on the boiler, along with various other household systems. This leads you to wonder whether you truly need to call a heating maintenance provider to complete boiler maintenance. The answer to this question is yes, as we do tasks you cannot or shouldn’t attempt on your own. How can we help you improve your boiler’s functioning?

Improved Performance

When we visit a home for boiler maintenance, we check all components and make adjustments as needed to ensure optimum performance. This helps you save on your energy bills each month while increasing the lifespan of the boiler.

As a boiler costs a significant amount of money, it’s essential to have regular maintenance carried out by our heating services team. We take steps to ensure the boiler lasts as long as possible.

Increased Energy Efficiency

Manufacturers rate boilers for their energy efficiency. However, if you do not maintain the unit properly, it won’t perform at this level. By calling us annually for boiler maintenance, you can rest easy, knowing your boiler is as efficient as possible.

Fewer Repairs

With the help of preventative maintenance, you will find your boiler breaks down less often. Go to bed at night knowing it will continue working as you sleep, so the family doesn’t wake up to a cold home. During these maintenance visits, our licensed technicians look for any minor issues, so we can address them. This reduces the risk of a minor problem becoming a major headache, one that is very costly.

Safety Concerns

Run the boiler without fear after a maintenance visit from one of our technicians. We ensure the unit is operating safely and that there are no leaks or other issues that may harm the family. However, it is best to have a carbon monoxide detector in the home, as this will alert the family to carbon monoxide in the home if the unit malfunctions.

Warranty Requirements

Manufacturers often make annual maintenance requirements mandatory if the owner wishes to maintain the warranty. The manufacturer wants to catch minor problems before they escalate, as this will save the company money on repairs.

Sharp Plumbing undertakes boiler maintenance for customers regularly. The team is ready to assist with your boiler maintenance when it is convenient for you. Call us to get on the schedule today.

When is the Best Time to Schedule Boiler Maintenance?

Call for boiler maintenance during the summer months or in early fall. Mother Nature has a mind of its own, and cold weather may arrive at any time. By having this work completed early in the season, you will find the unit is ready to kick into action the moment you need it.

However, call us anytime to have this work completed. We carry out service calls all year long and will come to your home day or night.

If you notice an unusual sound or smell coming from the boiler, call us. When the boiler isn’t heating the home evenly, let us know. If your energy bills are coming for no apparent reason, reach out. We are here for you.

Call Sharp Plumbing & Heating for Boiler Maintenance

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We believe in being diligent and great in everything we do. Our fully licensed and insured technician will arrive at your home on time and determine the problem quickly and efficiently. They will then offer a solution and complete any work you authorize. 

You will love our team and our prices, as your interests always come before our own. Call us today, and we will get you on the schedule right away.

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