DIY vs. Hiring a Plumbing Contractor

The idea of hiring a professional to handle a job that doesn’t sound too hard to DIY is understandably appealing to many homeowners. It may not save you time, but it’ll save you money, or at least that’s the common misconception. 

There are some things a homeowner can DIY with few to no problems, like plunging simple clogs and minor installations such as toilet handles. Bigger projects, however, are a different matter altogether. 

If you have a plumbing project around the house that needs to be done, and you’re thinking about tackling the project yourself, here are some things you should keep in mind as you decide. 

Yes, Equipment

Paying for the part or fixture is one thing, but if you’re planning on DIYing it, you’ll also need the right tools for the job. 

Without the right tools, you won’t be able to do the job correctly, and depending on what’s required, you may wind up spending more on the tools for the job than the parts or fixtures. To make matters worse, you may never need those tools again.

The Experience

What you may find new or puzzling, an experienced plumbing contractor has seen many times before. In the time it takes for you to research the problem and figure it out by trial and error, a plumbing contractor could have already had it done. 

Plumbing contractors rely on a wealth of experience to get your project handled quickly, safely, and without damaging anything. If the unexpected happens, they’ll be able to troubleshoot the problem quickly and find the best solution. 

How About Building Codes?

How familiar are you with building codes? If the answer is “not very” or “not at all,” this is one more thing you’ll have to consider before a DIY project. 

Plumbing contractors are already familiar with the building codes in your area and bring this knowledge with them to every job. It’s a big timesaver with the added benefit of knowing that not only will the job be done right; it’ll also be up to code to prevent any future headaches. 

Warranty Protection

Some of the plumbing systems and fixtures in your home, such as your water heater, may be under warranty. A DIY project on these systems will most definitely void it.

Locate your warranty to check or call the manufacturer to be safe before considering a DIY project. Or don’t take the risk at all and call a professional to ensure your warranty remains valid. 

Saving Money

People tend to think that hiring professionals costs a lot of money, but when you add it all up, from equipment to the unexpected issues that may arise, you’ll actually save a lot of money by just hiring a plumbing contractor.

During the job, a plumbing contractor may also notice other issues that need to be addressed. Without that plumbing knowledge, you could easily miss those things that lead to costly repairs and potential damage later on. 

Guarantee Of Work

When you hire a plumbing contractor to handle your plumbing project, you can expect a certain degree of guarantee on their work. If you do it yourself, there’s no guarantee. If something goes wrong with your DIY, you’ll have to do the same job twice, likely spending even more money on parts and tools. 

When you hire a professional plumbing contractor, you can relax knowing that if anything goes wrong during a predetermined amount of time, they’ll be right back to fixing it for you at no extra charge. 

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