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Leaks, clogs, and breakdowns are often a part of a homeowner’s experience, and sometimes these problems can cause a lot of worries and financial strain. When you establish a relationship with a trustworthy plumber, you can have a plan of action before anything goes wrong, giving you a certain level of control over plumbing repairs. We have this easy familiarity with many of our customers who rely on us for everything from clogged drains to installation projects. We are excited to offer these same reliable services to you so you know who to call when something breaks down. 


Our Plumbing Services and Plumbing Repairs

We have been serving families in Northborough and the surrounding areas since 2002, and during this time we have been exposed to many different homes and plumbing systems. We are confident in our ability to fix anything and to make it better than it was before. We can offer water heater repair, plumbing installations, water purification, and much more. 


We know how important your water heater is for your home to function properly. When needing a repair or a water heater installation, you should never have to wait for days without having the hot water that you need for basic tasks. We have emergency plumbing services for when your water heater has stopped working or is leaking, and we can work around your schedule to find a time for less urgent repair needs. You can also turn to us for the best installations in the area, and advice about which water heaters are the most economical and efficient. 


No toilet is immune from the effects of daily use over several years. Wear and tear can happen on any of your toilet’s internal components, and it can develop leaks, clogs, or separation from your floor. If your toilet is only a few years old and isn’t leaking, a repair can be a quick and affordable solution. However, a toilet that is older or still using 5-7 gallons of water per flush may be a good candidate for replacement. We provide both toilet installation and repair in Northborough. Best Plumbing Repair in the Region.


In our many years of plumbing service, we have seen plumbing that is made of everything from galvanized piping to garden hose. If your plumbing system is old or has been patched together with inefficient materials that leak and cause problems, you can renew your plumbing with our repiping services. We generally work with PEX and copper materials, and we can design a brand new plumbing system that is a thing of beauty. We always offer straightforward pricing and give you an accurate estimate at the beginning of the job, with no hidden or surprise costs guaranteed.


Clogged drains don’t have to put a clog in your day. Our drain cleaning services are fast and efficient so that you can enjoy clean drains without the wait. Once we remove the clogs from your toilets, laundry drains, sinks, floor drains, or shower, we remain invested in your drain health by recommending BioOne. Unlike many of the products on the market today that feature ingredients that are bad for the environment and your drains, BioOne is a safer choice for you and your family. It features biotechnology that allows you to keep your drains clean with one easy monthly treatment.


Spring rains and snowmelt can lead to basement flooding in the Northborough area. A flooded basement can mean thousands of dollars in damage and repair costs and can lead to mold, mildew, problems with your foundation, and rot. Rather than risking a flood, you can invest in sump pump installation for your home. Sump pumps work automatically, turning on when water levels get too high and safely transferring this water to another location. There are many options depending on your needs, and we can help you find a solution that keeps your home safe even if the power goes out.


Clean water is essential for your family’s health. While many people spend hundreds of dollars each year on bottled drinking water, you can save money and solve other problems by installing a water filtration system in your home. Water filtration eliminates any contaminants or minerals that may be harmful to you, and it also helps to prevent mineral buildup on your pipes and faucets. At Sharp Plumbing & Heating, we provide expert water filtration installation services, bringing delicious and drinkable water straight to your taps. 


If you are looking for “plumbers near me” who can also take care of your gas fittings, you have found the right company. We can install energy-efficient gas appliances, build additional gas lines to add-ons, and perform oil to gas conversions. If your home was not equipped with gas lines, we can perform this work so you can have the convenience of gas appliances without too much hassle. When your existing gas fittings become corroded, you can rely on us for the fastest service in Northborough.


While not every plumbing problem needs to be taken care of immediately, other issues can be dangerous and require emergency care. If you need an emergency toilet repair or your plumbing has a leak that is causing damage to your property or electrical system, you can call us for emergency plumbing services. You should never try to fix an urgent problem on your own. Our plumbers have access to all of the tools and materials needed for many different repairs, and we will keep accurate records for your insurance company. Trust the professionals at Sharp Plumbing & Heating for all of your plumbing needs.

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