Toilets Not Flushing?

It’s a sinking feeling when the toilet won’t flush. Your mind immediately imagines the worst, and you fill with panic, thinking about the horrible mess you’re going to have to clean up. 

Putting wipes or other items besides bathroom tissue into the toilet can cause a complete or partial clog that results in the toilet not flushing correctly. But that’s not always the reason; a malfunction with the flushing system could also be the problem.

Don’t let a toilet not flushing cause you panic. Homeowners can solve some flushing problems without calling a professional plumber, and if they can’t, Sharp Plumbing and Heating is here to help.

Is it Clogged? Emergency Plunging 101

If your toilet is threatening to overflow due to a clog, shut off the water valve immediately. This step can save you from a very unsanitary situation. 

The valve is located on the wall behind the toilet and has a football-shaped knob. Quickly turn it counterclockwise to stop more water from running into the bowl.

Submerge the head of your toilet plunger into the drain hole. As you lower the plunger, place it at an angle to fill the cup with as much water as possible. 

You want the cup to trap water, not air. If there is not very much water left in the toilet bowl, make sure to add enough so that the water level is at least slightly higher than the plunger cup rim.

Grip the handle of the plumber firmly and push straight down into the drain hole. As you pull back up, do not lose the suction seal. 

Quickly repeat the action up to 10 times, and remove the plunger from the toilet after the last push. If the water drains, you have successfully removed the clog. Flush the toilet to finish clearing the pipe. 

Toilet Not Flushing All the Way?

A tank that doesn’t fill can cause the toilet to have a sluggish or partial flush. If the tank doesn’t have enough water, it can’t create the amount of pressure needed for a complete flush. Adjusting the float should address this problem:

Flush the toilet again to check if the tank is filling properly now. If not, try adjusting the arm again until the right amount of water flows into the tank. Tuning a float arm can be tricky, so you may need professional assistance if your toilet is not flushing after you try this approach. 

Check the Chain

If the toilet is not flushing because the handle doesn’t work, there’s no need to search the internet for a “plumber near me.” This issue has an easy fix that doesn’t even require specialized tools. 

Just follow these steps, and you’ll be flushing in no time:

If the flapper appears worn or damaged, replace it with a new one. It is an inexpensive item that you can find at any Northborough, MA home improvement store or have installed by any of the professionals at Sharp Plumbing & Heating.

Call A Trusted, Nearby Plumbing Repair Service

If you’ve tried all of the DIY fixes and your toilet, not flushing is still an issue, call Sharp Plumbing & Heating today. We proudly serve in Northborough, MA, and surrounding communities. There could be a more serious problem that only an experienced plumber can diagnose and repair. 

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