Understanding Your Boiler

A boiler heating system provides many benefits, some that you may know and others you may not. When it comes to all kinds of heating services in Berlin, MA, and the surrounding areas, trust only Sharp Plumbing & Heating. When you have questions concerning a boiler heating system, whether you are planning to have one or need to have your existing heating unit repaired, make sure to reach out to our team.

How Boilers Work

The term was carried over as this was the case when steam boilers were prevalent. Back then, these used to boil water to create steam. Nowadays, the boiler heating system that we specialize in are similar to your water heater units. Most rely on the use of natural gas and do not boil water. Instead, they heat water up to 190 degrees, which is based on the radiation system. These provide radiant heat to warm an entire area or room. 

Preferred Heating System

Many clients of Sharp Plumbing & Heating choose to have boilers installed because they prefer having the ability to set their thermostat at a desired temperature. In addition, the radiant heat can make the room feel warmer compared with the current air temperature. Boilers are also renowned for ensuring a more balanced heat throughout an area, especially when the colder months are on hand.

Different Boiler Heating Systems and Services

Sharp Plumbing & Heating is more than just the company that you can trust with your plumbing needs. We also provide an array of heating services, which is why we make sure that we are well-versed in all types of heating systems. For instance, a standard efficiency boiler is distinguishable, as it is vented in a metal pipe, compared with the high-efficiency units that are vented in the PVC pipe.

Our experts can also provide you with annual maintenance for your heating system. This is an effective way of confirming it is still safe and efficient to address your heating requirements. We also offer this service to make sure that we can spot any minor or potential issue before it gets worse and leave you in a no-heat situation down the road. Boiler systems call for annual maintenance to ensure their continued efficient operation.

We are also the top company to provide you with repair services for your home heating system. Among the issues, we can check on are malfunctioning pumps and several electrical components, such as the thermostat. We can perform a boiler tune-up to see if your system is in need of heating repair service or is already at the end of its service life. A boiler may be in need of a replacement if it is close to 30 years.

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