Water Heater On The Fritz? Here’s 8 Tell-Tale Signs

When your water heater breaks down, it can cause severe problems for your household. One of the best ways to avoid surprise breakdowns is to know the signs that one may be on the horizon. Here are eight of the most common signs that your water heater is on the fritz. 

8. Poor Quality Water

“Poor quality water” can describe any water that is cloudy, rust-colored, or bad-smelling. Some odor problems can be caused by a buildup of bacteria in your drains, and this can be solved with drain cleaning services. However, if the odor is coming from the water itself, it may be time for water heater services. While the water heater installation cost can be a significant expense, you should always call right away when your water decreases in quality.

7. Pooling or Other Signs of a Leak

Pooling water or any other signs of a leak should be cause for immediate concern. Even a small leak can cause damage to your foundation, your home, and your possessions, so it is important to be proactive about a water heater leak. If you are worried about flooding in your home you can also invest in sump pump installation or sump pump repair to keep your basement and foundation dry throughout the year. Search “sump pump repair near me” for more information. 

6. Noisy Operation

If your water heater begins making new noises such as clanks, gurgling, or pops, it is time to call a plumber near me. While some of these noises may indicate the need for a boiler repair, sounds near the tank of your water heater can be easier to identify. If you hear the sound of boiling water within your tank, you should call right away as this can be a dangerous problem. 

5. An Older Water Heater

Traditional water heaters typically do not last beyond 10 years. If yours is nearing this mark, or if it has surpassed it, you may want to begin considering a replacement. Continually repairing your old system can cost more in the long run than having it replaced. When it is time for your installment, be sure to find the best plumber near me so that you can receive a quality installation. If your water heater has been installed by an experienced and trustworthy plumber, it will work better and be a more reliable system. 

4. Rising Utilities

Your utilities should remain predictable throughout the year, with slight changes that can be accounted for by the shifting of seasons, the addition of a new appliance, or even the birth of a new family member. However, if your utility costs begin to rise, it is time to search for the source of these increases. If the increases are only present during the winter months when you are heating your home, you may want to call a plumber for boiler repair near me. However, if your bills are increasing without regard for the season, your water heater likely is to blame. 

A water heater can begin to work less efficiently if it has a layer of sediment on the bottom. You can also help your water heater to be more efficient by lowering the temperature of your water, making sure you have the correct tank size for your home, or considering an upgrade to a tankless water heater installation. 

3. Unpredictable or Insufficient Hot Water

If the temperature of your water is continually fluctuating between hot and cold, or if you never seem to have enough hot water to complete your task, you may be a good candidate for water heater services. If the water doesn’t seem to be hot enough, your first step should always be to check your water heater thermostat to verify that it is set at the correct temperature. The thermostat can often be bumped by accident, causing the temperature of your water to lower. 

If this simple step doesn’t work or if you are experiencing other problems with the temperature of your water, your next step is to find plumbers near me who can help with the problem. Your plumber can fix or replace your thermostat, repair the heating element, or install a water heater with a larger tank. 

2. A Change in Water Pressure

Reduced water pressure, especially when the hot water is running, is a sign that there is mineral build-up somewhere in your water heater system. A general lack of pressure regardless of temperature may be an indication that your pipes need drain cleaning to treat for clogs. If you have recently taken care of your drains and your water pressure is still suffering, it is time to check your water heater. 

Your plumber will check the amount of scale buildup in your water heater and flush your system to rid it of sediment. They will also check all of the pipes leading to and away from the water heater to make sure they are clear and able to sufficiently move water. 

1. Your Water Heater Hasn’t Been Maintained

Water heater maintenance should be at the top of the list when it comes to annual home maintenance. Having your plumber perform a tune-up will keep your system working efficiently, and it will also improve the safety of your home. Tune-ups are a great way to prevent leaks and to ensure that all of the safety functions are working properly. 

During a tune-up, your plumber will perform a pressure reducing valve adjustment to make sure your system is protected from a build-up of pressure. They will also flush the tank, check electrical connections, and look for any signs of a leak. Fixing small problems with your water heater each year will help you avoid costly breakdowns. 

There is nothing quite as uniquely inconvenient as having your water heater break down in the middle of the night. You can reduce this inconvenience by watching for signs that a repair will be needed shortly. You should always have your system protected by investing in regular maintenance.

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