What Causes a Faucet to Leak?

Most homeowners in Framingham, MA, know the horrors of a leaking faucet. It drips slow and steady. No matter what you do, nothing stops it. Some consider living with it, but unfortunately, a faucet leak isn’t the type of problem you can ignore away. In fact, letting a leaking faucet go unchecked can result in a costly and more troublesome repair down the line.

A faucet repair is the best way to get your home’s efficiency back on track. But before you do that, you might be curious about what may be causing your faucet to leak. Depending on what type of sink you have and where in Framingham you live, a few key factors can cause this type of plumbing issue. 

Damaged Mechanics

Your sink is a sophisticated appliance with a lot of discrete components. If you’ve had the same sink for a long time, these parts will inevitably become worn and damaged over the years. And one of the first things this results in is a leak from the faucet. 

You can solve this by replacing your washer. But some sinks don’t work with washers. Instead, they gather the most damage at the seals that restrain water pressure when the faucet is closed. And cartridge faucets have their own parts that will eventually need replacing. Sinks are built differently, and they each have their own tension areas.

If you aren’t sure what kind of sink you have, don’t worry! A trained professional from Sharp Plumbing & Heating is fully equipped to do a faucet repair for any make or model. 

Water Pressure Woes

The water pressure in your home is dictated mainly by your utility supplier. If you live near the hills or surrounded by tall buildings, there’s an excellent chance that the water you get will be at a higher PSI to account for your surroundings. That is nice for a shower, but it isn’t great for your pipes. 

When you have strong enough water pressure, it can result in a backup in your plumbing system. That disrupts the natural flow of water and forces it to find other avenues to escape, like the faucets around your house. 

If your high water pressure is left untreated, it can actually crack your pipes and create a more substantial leak. So when things start dripping, it’s best to call for a faucet repair sooner rather than later. 

Benefits to Faucet Repair

You may be looking at your leaky faucet and thinking that it isn’t necessarily a big deal. It’s barely noticeable, so it can’t be that much of a problem, right? 

We get it, and we understand your reasoning, but we must respectfully disagree. Even if you only have one leaking faucet in your home, that alone is enough to raise your water bill by 10%. And that’s only the beginning of your problems. 

If you have hard water in your neighborhood, constant dripping can cause growing mineral stains and buildup. These are difficult to clean up, so much so that they can potentially damage your sealants and ruin your sink entirely. 

Household leaks waste thousands of gallons of water in a year, which is bad for your wallet and even worse for the environment. So if you’ve been searching the web for “plumbers near me,” you probably already know that something is wrong. And Sharp Plumbing & Heating wants to be there to help.

Finding the Best Plumbing Repair in Framingham, MA

You’re a savvy homeowner that knew enough to check a plumbing blog for potential answers to your issue. Trust your gut! At Sharp Plumbing & Heating, we’re here for both the humble layman and the baffled handyman. We cover plumbing and heating needs for homes from Milford to Berlin. Like plumbing superheroes (think Aqua Man meets Mr. Fix It), we’re ready to fix any drip that may strike across southern Massachusetts. 

So if you’re done keeping time by your leaking faucets, contact Sharp Plumbing & Heating today. The peace we can bring is unbeatable.

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